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Digital Library Search

Welcome to our Library search page. This search functionality is easy to use and does not require the use of symbols, characters or special techniques.

Enter Your Search Term Below

Click the enter the word or phrase you are looking for and hit enter. Inverted commas or other symbols are not required. The search is not case sensitive. It can take a few seconds to return the results given the size of the library’s database.

After a few seconds weighted results appear, showing the books and magazine articles containing the word / words you are looking for. Articles and books with the most matches appear first.

A text extract showing the first occurrence appears under each publication, along with the number of matches. (Exact matches and the number of times the word or phrase occurs in a publication affect its position in the results).

Select the book or magazine in which you wish to view the matches. The search results are highlighted in green. Each occurrence is best found by using the browser search, not the library search, as follows:

  • Use Ctrl F (Windows) or Command F (Mac) to bring up the browser search box. Re-enter the word or phrase.
  • You are now taken to the first match in the magazine or book.
  • To navigate through the other occurrences in the magazine or book, use the arrows at the side of the browser search box.


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