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Visiting a library is always a rather special experience. There is a sense of calm, of peace and quiet within, even if it is busy. Users always speak to one another in hushed tones even if there is no-one else is around. The variety and quantity of books available is always impressive, and together they provide a particular aroma which itself is attractive.

Our digital library may not be able to recreate that experience to its fullest extent, but there is plenty here to remind you of those real library visits. On this site you will find over 150 years worth of material published by the Christadelphian Office, ranging from every issue of The Christadelphian magazine since its initial publication in July 1864 right up to the present day. In 2021 we plan to add every book published by the Office – titles which cover a wide variety of subjects. All this is at your fingertips, wherever you are, and whenever you want it!

So, having entered into our Digital Library, away from the many distractions of the outside world, we hope you enjoy its tranquillity and peace. In our Digital Library the bookshelves stand ready for you to browse, or to select an item and begin reading at once. So, once you are sitting comfortably, prepare to get lost in our Digital Library …

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