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Material published on the Christadelphian Library website has been prepared and produced by the staff and supporters of the Christadelphian Office.  There are costs involved in ensuring printed and electronic material is available, and we are grateful to all our readers for their support. It is possible to copy and paste extracts from the site but downloading magazines and books in their published form is not possible. When extracting any material from this website you accept these terms and conditions, and agree:

  • To abide by all applying copyright laws;
  • To use the material downloaded for personal purposes only;
  • Not to circulate further, either by electronic or other means;
  • Not to publish extracts, or the material in its entirety, on websites, social media sites or more generally on the internet without permission;
  • Not to reproduce extracts, or the material in its entirety, without permission.

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Subscribing is easy. Once you have selected the level of access you are looking for, go to the ‘checkout’ where a few details are required to complete the order. You can check your selection by clicking on ‘View basket’; from here any necessary changes can be made.

We accept credit card payments. If you are subscribing from outside the United Kingdom, place your order and your credit card company will convert the transaction to your local currency. We accept Visa and Mastercard. Payment must be made online – it is not possible to subscribe to the Digital Library by contacting the Office. When payment has been made at the checkout an order acknowledgement will be emailed. No contract exists between us until your subscription has been accepted and an invoice emailed to you. 


Once payment at the checkout has been made access to the digital library will be possible. In the case of Level One (seven day access) it will no longer be possible to access the site at the expiry of the seven days period. 


Electronic material made available through the digital library is presently zero rated for VAT for subscriptions from the UK and European Union. Subscriptions from anywhere else in the world are free of VAT.


Our aim is to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please advise us of any problems and we shall endeavour to overcome them.