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Monthly Subscription

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Here you will have access to a comprehensive library of magazines and books published by the Christadelphian Office. This monthly subscription enables the following material to be read online:

  • The latest issue of The Christadelphian incorporating Testimony magazine
  • All back issues of The Christadelphian from 1864.
  • Back issues of Testimony from 1931 (coming January 2023).
  • Each new book when published by the CMPA
  • All books previously published by the CMPA

Please note – this subscription gives ongoing access whilst the monthly payment continues to be made. Access is renewed automatically. All content is accessible through the browser and requires an internet connection.

£6.00 / Month

Further Details

What’s included?

All magazines and books published by the Christadelphian Office, except anything published in the last two years.

For how long do I have access?

Access to the content is available upon checkout. It remains accessible for a period of one month until renewal.

How Can I cancel my access?

It is important that you remain in control of your subscription and payments. Contact us, should you wish to cancel your subscription.

Can I upgrade my subscription?

A monthly subscription can be upgraded to an annual subscription at any time. Please contact us directly to arrange this (click here).

What are the terms of payment?

By taking out a monthly subscription, you are authorising the ongoing collection of subscriptions each month, thereby maintaining your access to the Digital Library. This arrangement continues until cancelled.

How can I view library content?

The digital library is browser based and requires an internet connection for access. Publications cannot be downloaded from the library.